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Egress window well covers are the crowning piece of any complete basement egress system, forming a protective lid over the window well below. They function similarly to an escape hatch, as they’re able to be pushed up from underneath. Although they may be the last egress component to be installed, they should certainly not be the least of your considerations, as they serve several important roles.

Egress window well covers:

Prevent injury to both humans and animals from the outside, who may accidentally trip or fall into your egress window well.

Screen out leaves and other debris from the yard.

Deflect wind, water, and weather

Funnel natural light into the window well and egress window

They are often combined with window well grates for additional ventilation and protection.

Window well cover options


Egress window well covers can be ordered to fit both semicircular and rectangular well openings of various sizes, and are available in a few different forms.

Flat: Parallel with the ground to inconspicuously blend into landscaping.
Angled: To better divert moisture away from opening.
Bubble/dome: Employed when all or part of the basement egress window sits above grade (i.e. pokes out over the ground outside).

a young girl lifts an egress window well cover to safely escape basement


Window well covers are most commonly constructed from polycarbonate plastic, which is widely used in engineering applications due to its strength, impact and heat resistance, and ability to transmit visible light similar to glass. UV-protective coatings can be applied to screen out harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Window well cover manufacturers


RockWell window wells are highly regarded for their natural stone-like appearance and texture, built-in steps (Rockwell and Rockwell 42 product lines), and rugged construction, and come complete with a durable polycarbonate cover.

Boman Kemp

Made from resilient polycarbonate plastic, Boman Kemp window well cover is a standard part of the renowned Boman Kemp Basement Window System. It must be purchased in tandem with a safety grate for proper removal and code compliance.


Bilco egress window well covers are among the industry’s most attractive, available in a number of appealing angled and domed designs to pair with their StakWEL (stackable modular model) and ScapeWEL (green thumb-friendly model) egress window wells.

Window well installation from Egress Solutions

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