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At Egress Solutions, our goal is to provide top-notch egress solutions for fire and safety in your home. We are based in Mullica Hill, NJ, and we build egress window systems for homeowners and property owners throughout New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, Southern New York, and Delaware.
95% of the homes built today have a stairway that comes up from the basement into the kitchen. Most home fires originate in either the kitchen or the laundry room of a home. If a fire occurs in the kitchen, you and/or your family members can be trapped in the basement. A window egress system will enable you to safely exit the basement to a safe place outside the house, and also allow for easy entrance into the home for first responders.In addition, fire and safety codes require that every room used for the purpose of sleeping is required to have a direct opening to the outdoors, to allow for emergency escape and rescue. Unless your home has a walkout basement, you will need to include some form of egress for each sleeping room in your basement.
Egress windows for fire and safety

Our Egress Window Solutions Include:

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September 3rd 2019 Law Change

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All Basements Must Now Have 2nd Means of Egress

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All Bedrooms Must Have Egress

Fire safety is the cornerstone reason the IRC Egress Code has been enacted throughout the USA.

If your home is lacking a safe egress system from your basement, don’t wait to address your home’s safety. Reach out to Egress Solutions today and get started building a solid and dependable egress window that allows for easy exit, improved ventilation, and increased value for your home. We will build your egress system and make your home safer for your peace of mind and your future.

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