Egress Solutions for Fire and Safety

At Egress Solutions, our goal is to provide top-notch fire and safety solutions for both residential and commercial property owners. We supply and install egress window systems throughout New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, Southern New York, and Delaware to meet building inspection codes and provide egress during emergency events.

Benefits of Egress Systems for Safety Coordinators

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Legal Compliance

Safety coordinators can ensure that buildings under their oversight comply with safety regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues.

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Reduced Liability

Properly implemented egress windows can lower the liability associated with accidents and emergencies in buildings.

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Occupant Safety

Prioritizing egress windows contributes to the safety and well-being of building occupants, which is the primary concern of safety coordinators.

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Improved Emergency Response

Egress windows facilitate quicker and more efficient evacuation during emergencies.

Egress windows have many fire & safety benefit

Fire safety is the cornerstone reason the IRC Egress Code has been enacted throughout the USA. If your home is lacking a safe egress system from your basement, don’t wait to address your home’s safety. Reach out to Egress Solutions today and get started building a solid and dependable egress window that allows for easy exit, improved ventilation, and increased value for your home. We will build your egress system and make your home safer for your peace of mind and your future.

Building and Planning Codes

How Egress Solutions Works With Safety Coordinators

In older commercial buildings, a growing number now require the installation of a hard-wired monitoring system. Our comprehensive line of egress products presents an economical alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality or superior craftsmanship. By partnering with Egress Solutions, safety coordinators can meet regulatory demands cost-effectively. 

Egress windows also serve as vital exit points during a fire emergency, providing firefighters with an accessible escape route from basements. This not only aids in the swift evacuation of occupants but significantly contributes to the safety of firefighters themselves. Additionally, in the event of an upper-floor collapse, firefighters are more likely to secure the building from below via egress routes.

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