It’s no good having an egress window well if you can’t climb out of it.
In the absence of stairs or steps, basement egress ladders provide a reliable means of emergency escape. International Residential Code requires egress ladders for below-grade window wells at depths greater than 44 inches (roughly 3.5 feet). Beyond giving homeowners a safe out, egress ladders also lend them a convenient in, allowing access to the well bottom for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Types of Egress window well ladders

The installation method for basement escape ladders may vary depending on the size and construction of the egress window well itself.


Hook-over egress ladders are among the world’s most popular due to their wide applicability and effortless installation. As their name suggests, they hook over the top lip of an egress well, sometimes secured with stainless steel screws for added stability. In the event of a move, they can easily be removed and relocated.


For window well systems that are completely underground, a bolt-on egress ladder could be a better option. These ladders mount to the well walls and are secured at the bottom via two long screws, ensuring maximum stability. They’re highly regarded the world over for their sturdiness and dependability.

Specialty (brick or concrete)

In rarer instances, you’ll find egress ladders built into a brick or concrete window well, usually when the well was originally integrated into the foundation. While among the strongest, they are not easily replaced.

Replacement Basement Escape Ladders from Egress Solutions

Partnering with Boman Kemp, Egress Solutions brings you safety in style with their safety escape ladder, available in 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, or 8’ lengths in white or grey. These hook-over basement window well egress ladders are designed to hang in back of the Easy-Well, an integral part of the complete Boman Kemp Basement Window System.

We distribute Boman Kemp egress ladders to New Jersey, Delaware, Southern New York, and Eastern and Central Pennsylvania.

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