Window well grates are an essential component of any complete basement egress system, providing essential security and aiding with ventilation. While effective on their own for preventing injuries to children or animals from fall-ins, they are best paired with a polycarbonate window well cover to deflect water and debris, which can infiltrate through the gaps in a grate cover. Our partner manufacturers often sell them in tandem to ensure the longevity of your basement egress window well for years to come.



Benefits of window well grates

Prevents fall of people, animals, and large objects into the window well

Fashioned from strong, sturdy metals for optimum durability

Can be secured with safety locks or clips for additional peace of mind

Rests parallel with the ground for a low-profile, unobtrusive look

Helps promote the flow of air and light into the egress window well

Types of window well grates

well grate


The majority of window well grates are constructed from metals such as stainless steel, wrought iron, or aluminum. Wrought iron and stainless steel offer superior weight support and security, but can conduct heat or be susceptible to rust (particularly iron) — paints or coatings are sometimes applied to mitigate these effects. Aluminum is a lightweight and workable material but does not offer the same strength as iron or steel.

well grate


Like dome or shell-style egress window well covers, safety grates might also be made from high-density plastics like polyethylene or polycarbonate. With the right level of thickness, plastic grates can provide a similar load resistance to metal grates. They must be rated to withstand high temperatures to avoid warping or melting.

Window well grates from our partnering manufacturers

Boman Kemp

Boman Kemp is regarded as one of the premier manufacturers of egress window well systems, with uncompromising quality in each component. Their safety grates, which are available in a mesh (expanded) or bar pattern, are crafted from rolled angle iron steel and steel safety bars with a weight-bearing capacity of up to 600 pounds.


RockWell‘s stone veneer egress window wells are among the most attractive on the market, and their window well grates complement that beauty while contributing the requisite strength and security. Constructed from lightweight aluminum for easy operation, they are engineered to hold up to 500 pounds and powder coated with an earth tone paint to blend perfectly with the surrounding landscaping.

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