As a property owner, of course you’re seeking safety for your tenants. You’re also seeking a long term return on your investment in rental properties. Egress Solutions installs egress systems in rental properties, enabling property owners to safely house additional tenants while staying compliant and increasing property value.
Let us help you expand your basement into a new living space…we can install an egress window in the basement of your property, making it possible for you to legally and safely rent out your property’s basement…be it for students, temporary residents, mother-in-law situations and more.

Egress window systems offer many benefits to rental properties

Benefits of Egress Systems in Rental Properties

The purpose of an egress system is to allow for safe and easy exit from a basement in the event of a fire, and for first responders to enter a property’s basement if needed. Most basements’ stairways lead to a kitchen, where most house fires start. A fire in a kitchen can trap people in a basement. In New Jersey, recent legislation has required that basements have an additional means of egress.

In addition, egress systems in rental properties create more sunlight and ventilation, making a basement space more attractive and appealing to spend time in.

Recently owners of rental properties for near colleges have begun to increase rentable space by installing Egress Window Systems in basements, making the basement a safe, compliant and livable space. Adding basement space can increase the number of tenants and monthly rent (often from $450-$600 a month); and increase the value of the property substantially for resale purposes.

We know you value your tenants’ safety, of course. We can install a basement egress window system in your rental property so you can take additional tenants safely and increase your rental profit. Reach out to us today or click here to request a quote. We’re here to improve your property’s safety and profit potential!