At Egress Solutions, Inc., we’re your capable destination for Northern Maryland egress window dealers. We provide complete and fast installation of emergency escape windows, window wells, covers and more for your home. We serve residents and business owners throughout Northern Maryland, with egress solutions that are code-approved. 

With nearly 95% of homes, the stairway to the basement is located in or off of the kitchen area. The majority of home fires start in a kitchen or laundry room, potentially trapping family members in a basement with no method of escaping. With a modern egress window installed in your home, both adults and children can easily escape to safety.


Many homeowners with basements today are modernizing them to create an extra playroom, entertainment area, or even a bedroom for extended families. In many homes today, basement windows are “hopper” type windows, opening from the top and inward, making escaping through them very difficult. Many states have included IRC Egress in building codes that require an additional means of escape, and it is a requirement in most buildings with basements today.


Northern Maryland Egress Window Dealers

Installing an egress window in your home makes your home safer for escape and first responders, and provides peace of mind. But in addition, an egress window allows for more light and ventilation in your basement, and an attractive egress window adds to the resale value of your home.

Let the team at Egress Solutions provide both the products and installation of an egress system in your northern Maryland property. All our systems are code-approved, and our experienced install team are experts in excavation, concrete cutting, and window installation. Our products are manufactured by Boman Kemp and Rockwell, among the country’s most widely used. In most every case, we can complete your egress window installation in a day with no mess afterward.

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