Based in Ogden, Utah, Boman Kemp is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of steel products to the residential and commercial building industries. Their extensive experience with steel provided a natural transition into window system manufacturing, in particular, their patented Boman Kemp Window System — an innovative, modular egress system designed for easy installation and seamless integration.

Boman Kemp egress window systems

The complete Boman Kemp Window System includes the Easy-Buck™, Easy-Well™, vinyl window, egress ladder, and window well cover and safety grate; together, these create a comprehensive egress window well solution. Any of its composite parts can be purchased as standalone products for remodeling and retrofit projects.

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Boman Kemp window well covers and accessories


Manufactured from sturdy 18-gauge steel, the Easy-Buck™ is specially designed for effortless integration with Boman Kemp egress windows and Easy-Well™. Pre-installed holes, tie slots, and fasteners mean it all comes together in a snap, with an airtight and watertight seal.


Boman Kemp’s signature basement egress window well is available in both buck-mount (if being installed simultaneously with the Easy-Buck™) and wall-mount (retrofit applications) configurations at depth of up to 6 feet, and for window openings as large as 6 feet wide by 5 feet tall. Choose from the standard white finish or stacked stone for a more natural, organic look.


The Boman Kemp egress window’s sliding sashes operate similarly to a patio door, making for an easy exit. Its double-insulated vinyl frames are available in white or almond colors to fit any finished basement aesthetic, and panes can be ordered in low-E or tempered glass. Window screen included.


The Boman Kemp basement escape ladder allows occupants to climb out of the egress window well in the event of an emergency. Easily attaches to the Easy-Well™.

Covers and grates

Boman Kemp window well covers are made from resilient polycarbonate plastic, deflecting water and debris from the egress window well. They are combined with Boman Kemp’s rolled-angle iron steel and steel safety grates to prevent humans or animals from falling into the well and suffering injury.

Boman Kemp products from Egress Solutions

Egress Solutions is a major supplier, distributor, and servicer of Boman Kemp egress products in New Jersey and neighboring East Coast states. See how you might incorporate one of the industry’s premier egress window systems into your next construction or remodeling project today.