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Egress Solutions, Inc. is your destination for New Jersey egress window dealers. We provide professional installation of basement egress and emergency escape windows, window wells, covers and more. Our office is located in Tabernacle, and we serve both residential and commercial property owners throughout the state with code-approved egress products.

In 95% of homes today, the stairway from the basement leads directly to or off of the kitchen. Since most home fires originate in the kitchen or laundry room, you and your family members can become trapped in the basement. A properly installed egress system provides a safe and easy method of escape outside of the house and to safety.

Basements are no longer used just for storage…we use them for playrooms, entertainment centers, and bedrooms for expanded families. A recent study also showed that most basements have “hopper windows” that open from the top and inward, which do not provide a sufficient means of escape. Most states, including New Jersey, have enacted IRC Egress Code requiring a means of exit from basements; as of September 2019, all basements must have an additional means of egress.

Adding an egress window to your home does more than provide an easy means of escape and for first responders to enter your home. It also provides more light and ventilation, and improves resale value. Building down as opposed to building up and out is considerably less expensive, and an egress system will make your basement more livable and attractive.

New Jersey Egress Window Dealers

At Egress Solutions, we provide both the products and installations for egress systems, and all of our systems are code-approved in New Jersey. Our team of installers are experienced professionals in excavation, concrete cutting, window installation and carpentry. We use high quality Boman Kemp and Rockwell products, among the most widely used in the country. We can often complete your egress installation in one day with no mess.

Don’t wait…make your home safer today. Call the New Jersey egress window dealers at Egress Solutions today or click here to request a quote. We’ll help make your home safer and add to your resale value.

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