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Basement Finishing Checklist: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Space

basement finishing checklist basement bedroom with egress window and window well egress solutions

Finishing a basement can be an incredibly exciting and creative process! It’s a unique opportunity to express yourself, all while creating a space that perfectly suits your needs. The possibilities are virtually limitless, but to bring your vision to life, you’ll need to begin with some careful planning. Our complete basement finishing checklist will guide […]

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Remodeling Tips for Creative Basements

creative basements living space egress solutions

Autumn is officially here, and with a new season comes a new opportunity for remodeling! Having a creative basement can boost a home’s value through its unique style and provide a comfortable living space for homeowners. The possibilities for finished basement ideas are endless, especially when you consider all the enhancements on the market. Egress […]

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What to Ask Your Egress Window Installer

egress window installer with drill

Here at Egress Solutions, your project is very important to us. Above all else, we value your involvement and input during the entire process. To ensure our work meets the highest standard, we know that effective communication is key — and there are certain questions you should ask to make this happen. Know that any […]

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3 Types of Egress Windows: Which Is Best?

types of egress windows woman seated at desk by egress window indoors

Egress windows are an essential component of a basement finishing project. Although all egress windows have the same intent/purpose, they may operate differently. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss the three most common types of egress windows and the advantages/disadvantages of each. Egress casement window  A casement window is essentially a hinged window that is […]

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Get Into Green Remodeling with Eco-Friendly Finished Basements

green remodeling basement with bathroom, washer and dryer, closet

As we enter spring, our minds turn to the environment and how we can be more eco-conscious. A finished basement fits beautifully into a sustainable house plan — here’s how!   Finished basements as a green home improvement Staying within the footprint As we move towards more sustainable ways of building and remodeling, we must […]

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How Much Value Does an Egress Window Add?

egress window wells at a lot

If you don’t already have a basement egress window, do you need one? Is it really worth the investment? How much value does an egress window add? While egress window installation is included with most new construction (per building codes in many localities), many homes still lack a basement emergency exit. If you’re in that […]

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The Ins and Outs of Window Well Maintenance

egress window well cover surrounded by fallen leaves

Basement egress window wells let a lot of good things in — fresh air, natural light, and (if necessary) lifesaving emergency personnel. However, if improperly installed or maintained, a window well could let in things you’d rather keep out. The most undesirable of these guests? H2O. While water damage represents a threat to any basement, […]

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How to Use Your Basement for Holiday Gatherings

basement holiday gathering space

The holidays abound with many things — ideally speaking, good food and good drinks to go along with the obligatory joy, laughter, and cheer. Unfortunately for many folks, the holidays are not especially abounding in time and space. And when that big holiday gathering is happening at their house, the only thing in abundance is […]

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Making Finished Basements a Fit for Multigenerational Homes

grandpa holding baby in multigenerational living arrangement

More and more Americans are opting for multigenerational living — and consequently demanding more from their houses. Between 1971 and 2021, the number of Americans living in multigenerational homes (defined as those containing two or more adult generations) roughly quadrupled — from 14.5 million to 59.7 million. At least 1 out of every 5 American […]

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Brightening a Basement Home Office with Egress Windows

basement egress window framing for home office

Due to events of which we are all aware, the way we work has shifted dramatically in recent years, with fully remote and hybrid arrangements becoming much more common. Working from home has many advantages, but for some people — especially those with families — finding the peace to hunker down and focus can be […]

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