What to Ask Your Egress Window Installer

egress window installer with drill

Here at Egress Solutions, your project is very important to us. Above all else, we value your involvement and input during the entire process.

To ensure our work meets the highest standard, we know that effective communication is key — and there are certain questions you should ask to make this happen. Know that any reputable egress window installer or contractor will be there every step of the way to help you with any inquiries, as well as concerns or feedback you may have.

How much will the weather affect the work? 

This is a very common question for homeowners to keep in mind, especially for intensive projects that require larger teams. The influence of weather on your egress window installation largely depends on the local climate and its various seasons. 

If, for example, you live in an area with harsh winters, you must be prepared for potential delays. Before you decide to begin an installation, think first about whether snow, rainfall, or wind will impact the construction. Window well installation can become quite difficult in the case of saturated soil from excess moisture. 

The safety of the crew must also be considered as well. If the egress window contractor is working for other clients, they may have to reschedule a different date, which should be communicated to you if the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

What is the expected timeline?

The timeline for egress windows largely has to do with project scope, materials being used, the number of workers involved, and the project’s complexity. Are you adding other elements to your window? Is there a need for a specific interior design? Are there multiple projects happening at once? All of these factors play into the timeline. 

In most cases, the egress window installer will provide you with a fairly accurate time frame well before your project is set to begin. You will continue to receive updates as the work progresses. 

What is the estimated cost?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Before you contact an egress window installer, note the age of your home and the city you currently reside in. Each location has its requirements and permits; be sure to look into this. 

Because there are many varieties of egress windows, cost directly ties into the type you want. Are there a lot of components required for your model? In addition to a window well and an Astro or Tilt and Turn window, your egress window kit may or may not include an egress ladder, grate, and window well cover, as well as any other accessories. 

You will get an estimate from your egress window installer, but if you have concerns, remember to bring them up sooner rather than later. If you have questions about any of the financial aspects, tell the project supervisor directly. You might also inquire about financing and how often payments will be made. 

What type of warranty is offered?

Warranty is another big consideration, and it is contingent on the specific contractor you hire and project specifications. Common warranties include 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, or lifetime. Egress windows are designed to be both durable and long-lasting, intended for years of use. 

Ask your contractor whether there could be any limitations or special circumstances affecting the warranty specifically. If there is an issue during the installation itself (or after its completion), don’t hesitate to bring the problem to the crew’s attention. For a smoother process, gather all important contact information ahead of time. 

Who will supervise the project?

Supervision is usually the responsibility of the project manager. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the supervisor to get a better grasp on how the project will progress and the team’s strategy. 

Can you provide references and pictures of projects?

You don’t want just anyone installing egress windows — you want someone with plenty of experience and a portfolio to back it up. Approach the salesperson or supervisor to ask about any past projects that could be shared with you. If any of these previous clients are local, go and check out the results for yourself. 

You also have the option to investigate online for reviews or feedback left from other clients. It’s recommended that you locate the company’s Google Business Profile or official site to validate their claims. 

What type of experience and/or knowledge do they have regarding egress?

As previously mentioned, egress window installation requires expert-level authority and experience because of its critical purpose — providing an accessible escape route in the event of an emergency. To make sure you’re placing your trust in the right hands, inquire about certification or awards that contribute to the crew’s experience. The goal of a contractor should always be to showcase the capability of the team. 

The more experience an egress window installer has, the higher the price tag associated with the project might be — but with that often comes better results and peace of mind.

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